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Tailor-made individual trainings for beginners and advanced, preparation for public performances, castings or entrance exams. Personal trainings take place in Bratislava or Prievidza.

Prices included course materials, rental of the space, coffee/tea, in case of online lesson it’s necessary to pay and be evident on the account in advance.



We offer our Theatre Online School to those interested in the complete basics of acting. It is suitable for beginners – intermediate, as well as business people. Its content will also help young students preparing for entrance exams or castings. It is developed in the form of modern hybrid teaching, which combines online study and live seminar.

MORE about the Theatre online school.

We regularly organize an acting course for advanced students twice a year (September-December, February – April). In the summer months we offer Summer ACTING academy. This course lasts a total of eleven weeks, during which students regularly undergo training once a week with a teacher of three hours. The training consists of two parts, the first deals with theory and practical exercises (speech, movement, emotions, energy, etc.) and the second works on a selected play. Throughout the course, students study a play, which is finally presented to the public as a complete work in the theater. In addition, students undergo singing and stage movement training with external instructors. Other bonuses include study materials, individual consultation with the lecturer, notebook, everydayACTOR pen and bag, support group on social networks, joint visits to the theater, information about castings, etc.

Organized theater groups or communities can also order group trainings.



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Tomáš, administrative worker

I took an acting course for beginners. Our lecturers are absolutely amazing, trying to find within the person whom they really are in order to play a role according to their “nature”. Three people played the same role in three different ways. It’s amazing. You will discover new dimensions within yourself, find out what you can do and where you can move. Last but not least, the acting course is a big release for me after a hard day or week. I will relax, forget everything, have fun and most importantly, enjoy it. I will continue with the course for advanced and I recommend it to everyone, even introverts.

Frederika K., model

The acting course with Nada moved me forward not only in my ambition to pursue acting, but it also taught me a lot of things about human psychology, working with body and energy, and last but not least, I got to know myself better. I like the complexity of this course – that I am improving overall as a person. Therefore, not only actors will find their place, but anyone who wants to work on themselves and get to know their different sides. The attitude and atmosphere of the lessons can only be evaluated positively.

Juraj K., actor

I met Naďa in Slovakia. I had a few hours of acting before her departure, and we finished preparing for a casting via skype from Canada. It was great, the trainings perfectly prepared me for my castings. In addition, we worked very intensively and quickly, as the texts for castings (in English) were sometimes sent us only one day in advance. Everything, including the time shift 🙂 we managed really well and I had great motivation and support. Thank you very much for everything.

Matej R., copywriter

Thanks to the course, I understood that acting is not only about pretending, but above all about knowing oneself and freeing yourself from your ego. I really believe that a good actor does not play, but seeks a real connection of himself with the character. However, it is not just playing, of course, but general public appearance, which was one of my main reasons for joining Nada and Zuzka. I have had 5 lessons from a beginner course and I have a whole advanced course in front of me which I am already looking forward to. This is because the symbiosis of theory and practice works perfectly, which helped me discover another sphere of life that I will continue to explore. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to do something for themselves while broadening their horizons.

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In a free ebook, we’ll show you how to become a master of stage and acting. The rest, of course, will be discussed during training.