For children

Professional acting trainings for children take place throughout the school year at an intensity of 90 minutes / once a week. The trainings take place live in Bratislava, in case of a complex pandemic situation online. During trainings in a small group of children, the teacher approaches each student sensitively and individually, developing their creativity and personality comprehensively. During our lessons we not only work on acting techniques, but we also learn stage speech, movement, creative writing, basics of directing and dramaturgy, critical thinking and also the history of theater. During the school year, we work on selected dramatic texts, which we present at the end of the year in the theater. We help prepare for competitions, castings and admissions, we are actively involved in various art projects. We provide students with a number of study materials, parents with professional advice and feedback on the talent and further development of their children. We currently have an open group in the age range of 11-14 years. We will open new classes from September 2022. Until then, we can provide the possibility of individual study and consultation.


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Free e-book:
7 tips on how to improve your
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In a free ebook, we’ll show you how to become a master of stage and acting. The rest, of course, will be discussed during training.